Passion for Northumberland is a dramatic project based around the tradition of Passion Plays, shown at Easter around the world and across the centuries. Passion for Northumberland will bring to life the amazing Easter story to a 21st century audience in a contemporary context, using drama and song, whilst remaining true to the Bible's account of events.

With local choirs and actors taking part, this will be an all-age performance by the community, for the community, and will take place in the natural theatre that is the Alnwick town Market Square to build a foundation for continuity elsewhere in Northumberland

How to realise this vision?

This was the question on the mind of Chris Friend as he met with Community Choir Master, Peter Brown in early spring of 2012 this year. It has to be accessible, it has to be relevant and it
has to remain true to the bible text . As they talked, ideas began to take shape. To use the Market Place as the stage for the performance and, with five entry and exit points, a curious
audience can watch without any pressure. To dispense with period costume and use everyday clothes so that the audience can relate to the characters being played. To use contemporary music and song which still conveys a powerful message through the passage of the Easter story.
Over the summer, a team of people with various gifts started to come together with one objective in their minds, to bring God back into Easter in a way that would live long
in the memories of the people who saw it.